Digital Partner

The System is the Solution

Next to our bespoke Services, My Digital Partner also offers all-in-one Solutions that allow you to quickly deploy an online communications platform.
At My Digital Partner we take our own medicine, so we will use and customise online tools and applications already available out there, in an effort to make maximum impact with minimum budget.

About My Digital Partner's Small Business Solutions

The My Digital Platform solution allows you to quickly deploy an online communications platform, consisting out of an integrated web site, an email marketing platform, an online forms platform, a visuals management platform and a Blog. We have road-tested these apps and we know they can work for you!
We also offer the aforementioned Email marketing option as a separate solution, with
My Email Platform.

Digital Partners at Work

Customer Quote / Testimonial.

Our eTasting Newsletter has become crucial to communicating our wine tastings,

Juergen Dierick, Owner of Borivo Wineries.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Since we are taking our own medicine by systematically selecting the most efficient tools and procedures, we can offer customised online communication solutions at a very low cost, while being able to guarantee a very fast turn-around.