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My Email Platform - Template

The My Email Platform solution allows small businesses to quickly start using email marketing. This platform puts an extremely powerful email marketing and reporting tool at your fingertips.
My Digital Partner will set up everything so you only need to click a button for your email campaign to be sent. My Email Platform also allows for very in-depth, but intuitive, reporting and Dbase management. The next time you want to send out a campaign, you can easily edit your template and manage everything yourself (if you wish too).

About My Email Platform

My Email Platform puts you at the controls of a very powerful, but fully customised email marketing platform. As part of this platform we will create a customised newsletter template. Additionally we can upload an existing customer Dbase to your newly created My Email Platform. Visitors can subscribe to receive the newsletter straight from your web site. After you've sent your email campaign you can access very powerful reporting tools that track subscribers' clicking behaviour.
At My Digital Partner, we will set up everything for you so, you only need to log in and click a button to send your first email marketing campaign.

About the Template

At My Digital Partner, we will create a customised newsletter template so you can start using My Email Platform at once. This template will be created from an initial brief provided by yourself or we can help you with advise if needed.
On approval we will upload this template version to your own My Email Platform page. Once uploaded this template is available for you at all times. It is extremely easy to change the content in order to create a new version of the newsletter. As an extra free service, My Digital Partner, can integrate content provided by yourself, when initially setting up your My Email Platform solution.

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Email Marketing Template

Use different templates for:
> Quick Announcements,
> Newsletters,
> Catalogue Emails
> Press Releases

Brief Email announcements can be used for a special offer, a popular new product or quick fire sale, focussing on a single call-to-action.

Newsletters will rather be used to improve customer relationships by providing your customers with relevant information, which ultimately should result in increased sales.

Make sure to use an adequate template for each type of Email!

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