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My E-mail Platform - Reporting

The My E-mail Platform solution allows small businesses to quickly start using e-mail marketing. This platform puts an extremely powerful e-mail marketing tool at your fingertips.
My Digital Partner will set up everything so you only need to click a button for your e-mail campaign to be sent. My E-mail Platform also allows for very in-depth, but intuitive, reporting and Dbase management. The next time you want to send out a campaign, you can easily edit your template and manage everything yourself (if you wish too).

Results and Reports

Once you've sent your e-mail campaign you will be able to access very powerful reporting tools that track subscribers' clicking behaviour. Wouldn't it be great if you could actually see who clicked on what link in your e-mail? Well you can! This information will allow you to profile your customers even more by knowing what they are interested in.
Additionally, there is no need to keep track of the Unsubscribes because the system can manage that for you, by making sure that these e-mail addresses are not used the next time you sent out an e-mail campaign. Again, full automation and no extra work for you!

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Email Marketing Reporting


The reporting tools are extremely powerful and allow you to see who of your subscribers clicked on the links within your e-mail. When you detect several clicks by the same person, but this person hasn't gone through the sales process you initially intended by your call-to-action, it is very useful to give this customer a courtesy call.
A phone call might take your customer's doubts away and close the sale.

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