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My Email Platform - Dbase Management

The My Email Platform solution allows small businesses to quickly start using email marketing. This platform puts an extremely powerful email marketing tool at your fingertips.
My Digital Partner will set up everything so you only need to click a button for your email campaign to be sent. My Email Platform also allows for very in-depth, but intuitive, reporting and Dbase management. The next time you want to send out a campaign, you can easily edit your template and manage everything yourself (if you wish too).

What about the Data Bases?

My Digital Partner can upload your existing (opt-in) customer Dbase to your newly created My Email Platform. But, attention, terms of use apply as to anti-spam regulations. By uploading an existing Dbase you can start using the power of email marketing at once.
As an extra service we can send you the code to integrate on your web site, in order to allow registrations straight into your My Email Platform subscribers' Dbase. No hassle, full automation!
The newsletter subscriptions are integrated to your web site, so you don't need to worry about managing 2 different sets of data.

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Email Marketing Dbase


You can create multiple Databases and use different customer lists for different Email marketing campaigns. You can upload customer lists or manually enter them, but rules apply!
None of us would like to be considered a "spammer", so we just need to make sure that the lists you want to use comply with these basic rules (insert link to PDF).

Download Permission Guidelines