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Unique Tailored Services

First we listen...

At My Digital Partner we aim to make small businesses' internal and external communications more efficient, giving you a competitive advantage in the market place.
By providing you with tailored advice we can boost your online communications and marketing results, lowering costs while increasing your sales. And, we will never advise complex or expensive tools!

How can we help you?

Whether a small business wants to improve communications with existing customers or wants to acquire new customers, My Digital Partner can help implementing, improving or automating these processes using online tools. All at low cost!
Please have a look at this non-exhaustive list of online services we can offer:

  • Lead Generation
  • Internal Project Management Tools
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Automated Event Registrations
  • Document Sharing & Collaborating
  • Automated Data Gathering
  • Cost Reductions (software, telecom,...)
  • Communication Processes
  • Supplier Selection
  • CRM Solutions
  • PR Services

Services Overview

Digital Coaching at Work

My Digital Coach

My Digital Coach is our tailored consulting service, where we analyse your current internal and/or external communication tools and advise you on solutions that will allow you to optimise and automate communications at a very low cost.
Digital Broker

My Digital Broker

Are you looking for logo design, graphic design, complex web site design, 3D product visualisations, API developpers, online tools, etc but you would rather manage everything yourself? The chances are that our My Digital Broker service can save you loads of time!